An Adult Day Program with a Difference!

The SpiritHorse Adult Day Program has been carefully crafted for young disabled adults who have aged out of the school system and are looking for the next phase of their learning and living. Every week, our SpiritHorse "farmers" actively participate as part of a team, care for animals, work within nature, and can see the results of their efforts. This unique, safe environment creates increased confidence and independence for young adults living with developmental or physical disabilities.

Keeping our farmers active, both physically and mentally, is a basic tenet of every day at SpiritHorse. By combining a morning program, where our farmers work together to complete our daily, farm "chores" with an offering a variety of different activities that change each day, we create a setting where individuals can truly grow in their independence, their willingness to work, and their ability to work well with others.

This unique approach empowers our farmers with confidence that they take home to their families every day!