At SpiritHorse of Ohio, our trained staff works with in close cooperation with teachers, therapist and doctors to achieve goals that benefit each individual client. Each client is evaluated through the SpiritHorse Method and a customized treatment plan is developed for each person.

SpiritHorse riders learn vital skills such as:

  • Improved coordination,
  • Increased core muscle strength,
  • Enhanced balance,
  • Improved ability to follow instructions,
  • Maintaining concentration,
  • Improvement with staying on task & task sequencing,
  • Increased control of impulsive and compulsive behavior,
  • Becoming more assertive in positive way, and
  • Greatly enhanced self-confidence.

Who Can Benefit from Therapeutic Riding?

For the past decade, the SpiritHorse Method has helped improve the daily lives of children and adults with the following conditions:

Autism Spectrum Disorders


Cerebral Palsy

Developmental Delays

Down Syndrome


Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy

Spina Bifida

Traumatic Brain Injury